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Lidia Rozmus Deep Noth Press, 2004 Strony / Pages: 48 ISBN: 1-929116-13-6
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"Lidia Rozmus's fourth and latest book, "My Journey", is both innovative and refreshingly beautiful in capturing and presenting memories from her childhood in Poland trough her adult life in Chicago." "Nevertheless, the artwork, prose, poetry, paper, and printing - all of it - worked together to create a complex and artistic whole unlike any this reader has ever seen before among books of haiku." Marian Olson- review for "Modern Haiku"

Lidia was born and reared in Poland and studied at Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Master's Degree in the History of Art).

She also studied at The Art Institute of Chicago. Now living in the US, since 1980, Lidia works as a graphic designer. She paints sumi-e writes haiku and enjoys life. Lidia's sumi-e and haiku have been exhibited and published in the US, Japan and Poland.

Lidia is a member of the Haiku Society of America. She has also designed and illustrated books of haiku as well as calendars, chapbooks and othe works.

Lidia teaches Sumi-e, call for class information.
Phone: 847-549-9205

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