Get by in Polish
All the Polish you need to get by with confidence
Various Authors BBC Active, 2008 Strony / Pages: ksiazka i płyta audio CD ISBN: 978-1-4066-4490-2
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Get By in Polish is devised specifically for travellers. The 80-minute download will help you to get to grips with the basics of spoken Polish, and introduces the most relevant language you'll hear when you're there. Listen to the audio a couple of times to practise the key phrases and vocabulary, and familiarise yourself with Polish pronunciation.
There are eight sections, covering essential topics such as:

  • Bare Necessities - greetings, talking about yourself, asking for things, numbers, changing money
  • Getting Around - asking for directions, buying petrol, travelling by bus and train
  • Somewhere to Stay - finding somewhere to stay, asking about facilities, checking in, asking for help, checking out
  • Buying Things - buying groceries, buying clothes, buying souvenirs
  • Café Life - asking what there is, ordering snacks and drinks, trying local specialities
  • Eating Out - getting a table, asking about the menu, ordering, paying the bill
  • Entertainment - finding out what's on, getting more information, buying tickets
  • Emergencies - getting help, explaining problems to a doctor or a dentist, at the chemist's, car breakdown, at the police station
The English narrator and two native Polish speakers introduce the key phrases and vocabulary. In each section there are a couple of short dialogues where you can check out the language you have heard, with questions to focus your listening. At the end of each section, there is the opportunity to practice what you've learned in a guided dialogue "as if you were there".
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