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The Autumn Man
Albert Slugocki AuthorHouse, 2013 Strony / Pages: 314, soft cover ISBN: 978-1-4817-5943-4
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The life of Albert is documented by this book and by records of the U.S. Army. A young boy when WWII broke out, Albert saw the ravages of war in Poland and he quickly learned the value of life and the tragedies that man pronounces on his fellow man. Albert's history starts in Poland and takes him through the war, reparation and the vagabond life - mostly of a military nature even as a teenager. His adventures start in Poland, his escape to France, a brief tour in the French Foreign Legion and finally - a taste of freedom in America. After a short time in the U.S.A. he joined the American army and distinguished himself in Korea and later, Vietnam. His army record gained the attention of the C.I.A. and he was recruited for several adventures. After Vietnam and one more Purple Heart, he joined the U.S. Marshal service and left with unpleasant memories. His adventures up and down the Amazon River are right out of Hollywood. He loves the Amazon and the people who live and depend on the river. His charitable efforts will continue on while Albert is finally able to enjoy a life of leisure in Florida with his wife "Margie"
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Requiem dla amerykanskiego zolnierza Albert Slugocki Mons Admirabilis, 2016 Strony / Pages: 51, miękka oprawa ISBN: 978-83-943125-4-1
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