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From Poland to Brooklyn The Lives Of My Grandparents
Two Holocaust Survivors
Steven Keslowitz Published by: iUniverse, 2008 Strony / Pages: 160, miękka oprawa ISBN: 978-0-595-46702-0
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Written by the grandson of two Holocaust survivors, From Poland to Brooklyn provides a new and insightful analysis of the Holocaust. The book includes thought-provoking quotations from law professors, historians, civil libertarians, and Holocaust survivors.My grandparents, Leon and Cecilie Matzner, are two of the individuals who survived the Holocaust against incredible odds. This book recounts their lives and experiences in Poland before, during, and after the Holocaust. The book also recounts their courageous journey to America and their lives in Brooklyn, New York. Their hearts and minds are replete with hope and bravery, and, above all, a spirit that could not be broken-even by the most horrific tragedy the world has ever seen.

About the Author:
Steven Keslowitz is a Dean?s Distinguished Scholar at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and a member of the Cardozo Law Review. He is the author of The World According to The Simpsons which has been featured in over 500 media outlets and is required reading at universities. He is also the author of the forthcoming The Tao of Jack Bauer. He is the grandson of Leon and Cecilie Matzner, the Holocaust survivors whose accounts are provided in this book. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.