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Poland Adieu
From Privilege to Peril
Bogdan Broniewski Published by:, 2010 Strony / Pages: 240, soft cover ISBN: 978-1-4502-4720-7
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Bogdan Broniewski spent his first seventeen years cosseted and indulged, with all the unquestioned privileges of a member of one of the wealthiest families in Poland. But after the Nazis attacked Poland in September 1939, his life was suddenly ripped apart. Poland Adieu shares the true story of Broniewski's difficult and treacherous journey from a life of privilege to the perils of life as a refugee.

Broniewski begins his memoir by offering in-depth details into a world of hunting, horseback riding, and private tutors-a world abruptly shattered after he and his family are forced to flee their country. With their family fortune abruptly gone, the Broniewskis soon find themselves living for the next five and a half years as refugees in France, as the war rages around them. As young Broniewski exchanges comfort and security for hardship and danger, he grows into manhood while enduring illness, near starvation, and imprisonment. In spite of the overwhelming odds, Broniewski seeks an education and prepares to make his way in an uncertain world.

Poland Adieu is an inspiring story that proves that the drive to achieve success and happiness in life comes not from outside influences, but from strength and perseverance found deep within the soul.